Friday, September 01, 2006

The Next War

Just surfing the web, I read some Israeli blogs. The weird thing was that on two of them, they mention the "next war."

One said something like: We shouldn't look askance at the war in Lebanon. It may have been useful in planning for the next war.

The other one. I don't remember what it said.

Busy busy busy calls the "Committee on the Present Danger" the Committee To Precipitate WWIII or IV. They aren't sure whether to call it WWWIII or IV. (Those in favor of IV probably like to consider the Cold War WWIII so that we can say we won that one, too! Three world wars in A ROW! We're on a roll now!)

I would dismiss these things but it's hard to dismiss anything these days. The next war.

I used to wonder what would cause the decline of the American empire. Now, of course, it is obvious. The American Empire will cause it's own decline. It will probably self-destruct. You would hear that terrorism was going to destroy Israel or that Israel would no longer function but that seemed kind of silly. But it looks like Israel and the United States may actually do the terrorist's work for them--self implode in some sort of WWIII conflagration.

I have longer arguments about this but don't have time to make them.

I wish the rest of us didn't have to go down with them, but that might be inevitable too.

UPDATE: All I can say is "oh, shit." Glenn Greenwald analyzes the rhetoric of the president's current speeches and suspects we have another war in our immediate future.

Oh, God. This is rather horrifying. Are things as bad as I think? I think: Not just more wars but is this country really going to remain a democracy? Is the tide turning? At least they are not like a Latin American junta. I have my doubts the pentagon supports them. Kind of hard to have a coup without the army on your side. But, really. What is going to happen? Where does all this madness lead?


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