Thursday, July 13, 2006


OK, my post below lacks context since it is very clear that some rather small acts by those without much (planes, for example) have the capacity to start very large wars. I hope to God that's not what's happening in Israel and Lebanon right now.

Hilzoy's post gives some background as to the events leading up to the kidnappings. And mentions that the absence of U.S. diplomacy is a very bad thing right now.

Chris Bertram flatly states the Israeli response was wrong.

This very detailed post makes the point it's not so clear. By Jonathan Edelstein. The rules of war were not violated initially by either side (Hamas or Israel), he claims. True perhaps if we assume, I think, that the Gaza border itself was a war zone. Are there no agreements as to engagement after the initial Gaza pullout? I guess anything agreed to is long ago obliterated. It all starts to seem like splitting hairs. Here is where you might want to focus on outcomes. If a larger war results from Israel's reaction and we assume (as we have to, I think) that there were alternatives to Israel's choice then doesn't Israel bear some responsibility for that war?


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