Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Behind the Times, As Always

I was telling someone about the mosquito ringtone. So I googled it and found a toddler wandering by to experiment upon but while I was running this nefarious experiment I realized that I could hear the damn thing. It was painful to listen to.

But I'm as old as the hills. Why can I hear it? Found another mid-thirties person. He could hear it also.

What is up with the mosquito ringtone?

It was a bit surprising since it really sounds like a high pitched electrical squealing noise and I was expecting to hear something...like a ringtone so I almost didn't think it was what I was hearing at first.

I spent my entire youth sitting virtually inside the 8 foot speakers at punk rock shows. I have hearing loss in one ear due to a horrendous ear infection. Or so I thought.

Is it the vitamins? Am I some kind of super non-aging creature? A vampire? One of the Highlanders? Or is it some sort of emperor's new clothes type phenomenon?

I should mention that I'm actually pretty sure my eyesight is going--I can't see very small print right in front of my face anymore. I had 20/20 vision at one point, then 20/40. Alas. Death awaits after all.


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