Wednesday, July 12, 2006


I don't know the first thing about Hamas other than the obvious, which is that they support terrorism against Israelis.

This is sort of an odd review. It barely mentions the book at all!

Its point is to describe Hamas, how bad they are, how nefarious their plan is.

What seems strange to me is when people talk about how the Muslim [somethings...'supremicists' seems as good a word as any] have this grand plan to conquer the earth, Dr. Evil style. Is it not relevant at all that the Muslim Supremicists are hardly in any kind of position to conquer the earth Dr. Evil style? At least not at the moment.

OK, maybe they will be in such a position after some sort of cataclysmic upheaval we can't foresee. Rising seas, chaotic weather, a rogue nuclear weapon followed by a total economic collapse and then a plague that wipes out the overwhelming global supremacy of the U.S., Europe and most of Asia. But right now, is it even relevant that the Muslim [whatever you want to call them] have a grand plan to conquer the world. We must act now, before it is too late. They want Spain back!!

It would surprise me if Hamas weren't extremist but this review, it's a kind of genre you see lately. The "hide your children, the Muslims are coming!" genre. It is depressing and scary that Islamic terrorists pose a threat to my child, a statistically small threat but a real threat. And God, it is horrible to think of what the Israelis must live with. But doesn't it also matter that the children of 'Islamists' as the author calls them are currently being killed and terrorized by bombs in Iraq or Palestine and/or desperately poor? Their rhetoric seems to strike such terror in the heart of this reviewer. But why not just do a little comparison for a minute?

This is not to deny that Hamas's rhetoric, even if misrepresented by the reviewer, is not militant at the least and whacko anti-semitic or even genocidal at the most. But then what's the implication? What is to be done? It always seems to me that the implication when someone emphasizes just how out of bounds some elements are that there's only one option: Wipe 'em out.

Basically, the hope is that by emphasizing the unsavory elements of their politics our wiping them out is justified. We are wiping them out because they wanted to wipe us out first.

I always wonder why groups like Hamas take root. It's not all injustice on its own that makes any group take the road of violent extremism. Its injustice plus an unhealthy cultural ferment that tends to lead to extremism. Forgive the stereotype, but lots of Cubans in Miami are kind of nutty while the ones in New Jersey are relatively sane. Something about the exiled community in Miami drives some people around the bend. Exile alone is not sufficient.

Still, why is the actual situation--that Muslims have absolutely no hope of currently taking over the world-- never relevant, I wonder? Is it reasonable for those who beat these drums to say 'but the current takeover of large portions of the Islamic world is just a side effect of self-defense. As long as we don't plan to take over the Islamic world, the fact that we are taking over a part of the Islamic world is unobjectionable? Don't you see, they plan to take over the world."

Yes, their plans are crazy as hell and who knows how many Muslims are on board with these batshit plans to take over the entire world? Millions, undoubtedly. Isn't it always millions? It's a bit of a problem and will become an increasing one if people obsessed with the evils of Islamic radicalism are drivivng the boat. It's as if Islamic Supremacy is a disease that affects both its proponents and its opponents in almost the exact same way.


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