Monday, September 25, 2006

Off The Deep End

OK, last post went a bit off the deep end perhaps. Good thing no one reads this. I can't believe I started out thinking that I would avoid anything controversial and simply gather data for my officially sanctioned research. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

In any case, this little website still retains its status as a secret diary. And I want, today, to say: Dear Diary, Please remind me to move to Canada.

I'm very tired of being told I cannot move to Canada. First, who is moving to Canada? No one. There are no mass migrations. Yet. So what harm would I do if I did move to Canada? And I suppose the real question is: What good do we do here?

I WANT TO MOVE TO CANADA. I am desperate to move to Canada in fact. That is my prayer of the week: Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Somehow, please get us safely entrenched in Canada. With jobs. I will happily give up my citizenship if it is what is required to overcome Canada's protectionist work policies. I will learn the Canadian national anthem. I already know the title! "O, Canada!" See? I'm practically Canadian already.


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